Check Out Slaughterhouse’s Fuse Performance


Slaughterhouse has been traveling across the nation on a 50 city tour that started earlier this month. The crew stopped through Austin, Texas last night and were able to share their show with fans across the globe.

Fans who were unable to attend Slaughterhouse’s Shady 2.0 Showcase performance at SXSW were in luck as Fuse broadcasted the show live on YouTube. The live stream featured extremely high quality audio and video that brought the performance directly into fan’s living rooms. In the event that you missed the stream, there is no need to worry as the footage is now available online. Please check out the media player embedded below to view the recap.

If you are interested in checking out Slaughterhouse while they are on tour, please visit our Events section for details. In the mean time, please continue to visit The B.o.S.S. Board for future updates.

SHouse SXSW by YardieGoals
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