Doobie Brothas Release “Mission Impossible”

Mixtape Vol 1

Sauce Tha Boss and Big Phote, also known as The Doobie Brothas, released their debut mixtape back in February. The two emcees are now spreading additional awareness regarding the project with a new music video.

After much anticipation, The Doobie Brothas’ brand new music video Mission Impossible has finally hit the Internet. The video serves as an introduction to the group by showcasing both their emceeing abilities and individual personalities. Fans of the C.O.B. movement will undoubtedly notice that several familiar faces make cameo appearances in the video. We ask that fans show their support by checking out the video player embedded below.

Additionally, we have included behind-the-scenes footage from the video’s filming session and encourage everyone to check that out as well. In the mean time, please follow The Doobie Brothas on their official Twitter account for more updates.

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