Slaughterhouse Tour: Episode 4 Video


Slaughterhoue is now more than half-way through their nationwide welcome to: Our House tour. However, those who have been unable to attend do not need to worry as the latest chapter in the tour’s documentary is now available.

Earlier this month, Slaughterhouse released behind-the-scenes footage from the controversial arrest of Joe Budden. In the fourth installment of the group’s tour documentary, fans are provided with a deeper look into this shocking event. Although there is nothing funny about the arrest, Slaughterhouse’s Joel Ortiz keeps it light hearted as he describes the scene to fans. Check out this footage and much more using the media player that has been included below.

If you are interested in catching Slaughterhouse while they are on tour, there is still time. Please make sure to visit our Events calendar or Slaughterhouse’s official website for more details.

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