MTV’s Behind The Scenes “My Life” Footage

My Life

We are only a few weeks away from the release of Slaughterhouse’s brand new album and their latest single is starting to pick up momentum. The group recently had the chance to share exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the song’s video shoot.

MTV had the opportunity to link up with Slaughterhouse on the set of their Cee-Lo assisted single’s new music video. The song My Life serves as an anthem for the House Gang and is tailor fitted for mainstream rotation. During MTV’s segment, Slaughterhouse’s Joe Budden describes the video’s vibe and shares some exclusive clips from it’s filming. It’s definitely an exciting clip and fans should check it out using the embedded video player.

Slaughterhouse’s Welcome To: Our House album hits stores on June 12th and is set to make history. In the mean time, the group is preparing for their European tour and fans who wish to attend can check the schedule on our Events calendar.

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