New C.O.B. Hoodies, T-Shirts & More


Over the past few weeks, The PLO Group has updated their store with several new and exciting Circle of Bosses clothing items. Now, the website has some additional products available that fans are sure to love.

The latest items available from The PLO Group include Circle of Bosses zip-up hoodies, the Horseshoe G.A.N.G.’s new t-shirt and C.O.B. themed bracelets. All of these items are top quality and are the perfect way for supporters to represent the Circle. We encourage everyone to head over to the store and check out these products immediately.

Previous items such as C.O.B. snap back hats and t-shirts are still available for purchase as well, so if you missed out on these items don’t sweat it. As always, please continue to visit our site for additional updates.

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