The Doobie Brothas – “C.O.B. Allegiance”


On October 31st, The Doobie Brothas will make their new mixtape The Prelude to the Smoke Edition EP available for download. As we await the project’s arrival, fans have been blessed with an exclusive preview.

Sauce The Boss and Big Phote (also known as The Doobie Brothas) have recently been flooded with requests by fans to release a new track to the Internet. On the Doobie Brothas’ latest cut C.O.B. Allegiance, the Watts duo switch it up a little bit and bring fans a hard hitting street banger. As stated in our previous news update, the group has shared that they mean business on this mixtape and this track is the evidence. Please be sure to show your support for The Doobie Brothas and check out their new track using the link included below.

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