The Doobie Brothas – “We At The Trap Spot”


With Halloween night upon us, The Doobie Brothas are preparing to release their brand new mixtape to the Internet. While fans await it’s arrival, the group has released another preview from the project.

On The Doobie Brothas’ latest record (W)e (A)t (T)he (T)rap (S)pot, the Watts duo is joined by Young Poet and Ralo Mack. As with their previous record, the crew holds nothing back and releases another uncut street anthem. Fans will undoubtedly keep this one on repeat, so do yourself a favor and check out the link included below.

The Doobie Brothas are set to release their new mixtape The Prelude to the Smoke Edition EP as a free download tonight. In the mean time, please be sure to follow The Doobie Brothas on Twitter for additional updates.

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