C.O.B. Radio – “Tattoo Edition”


Listening to Crooked I’s C.O.B. Radio show on Skee247.com has become a weekly tradition and it has taken the Circle of Bosses movement to new heights. In the event that you missed out on the show’s most recent installment, there is no need to worry as you can re-live each moment.

On last week’s episode, Crooked I and his co-host Somayeh discuss the topic of women with tattoos and how they are perceived. Several special guests were invited to discuss the topic and it made for quite an interesting conversation. An exclusive video clip from the show is now available to be viewed and those who are interested can check out the show in full using the included link.

Crooked I’s C.O.B. Radio are live on Skee247.com every Wednesday between 5:00PM and 7:00PM PST. Please be sure to tune in each week as the show offers fans a deeper look into the Circle of Bosses family as well as some good music hand picked by the Boss.

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