Komplex Announces “Resurrection” Album


Treacherous Records’ in-house producer Komplex has assisted in crafting the sounds of artists such as Crooked I, One-2, K-Young and several others. Now, Komplex is releasing his own album and it is sure to demonstrate his diverse sound.

It has recently been announced that Komplex is planning on releasing a free instrumental album titled Resurrection to the Internet. Komplex has described the project’s concept as a collection of instrumentals which have been forgotten and now resurrected. On his first single Pray, Komplex allows fans to preview the album’s sound which is sure to take listeners on an incredible journey. Those who are interested can check out the song and full track listing which have been included below.

If you are interested in hearing additional music from Komplex, please be sure to visit his official Sound Cloud page. Additionally, you can follow Komplex on his Twitter account for further updates and information.

Track List

1) Genesis
2) Resurrection
3) Voyage
4) Bethlehem
5) North Star
6) Angels & Demons
7) The Universe
8) The Journey
9) Pray
10) Judas
11) Apocalypse
12) Noah’s Ark
13) Revelations
14) Crucifixion
15) Deliverance
16) Exodus

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