Iceman Drops “Booty” Remix


A couple months ago, the Circle of Bosses’ Iceman appeared alongside the Horseshoe G.A.N.G. in the music video to their song Sunglasses & Advil. Well, the emcee-engineer is keeping it rolling in 2013 and has returned with a new joint.

On Iceman’s most recent track, we find “C.O.B.’s Backpack” remixing iMAK ENT and Syrup’s underground hit Booty (Remix). The track originally appeared on DJ Kay Rich’s Cen Cal Everything mixtape which features additional music by Iceman and several other talented artists. On the song’s remix, Iceman adds an additional verse that compliments that original song flawlessly. Please take a moment to check this one out using the media player that we have included below.

If you are interested in checking out the original track, please use “bonus” link to download DJ Kay Rich’s mixtape in full. In the mean time, you can learn more about Iceman and his music by following his official Twitter page.

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