P.W.T. Launches “Hip Hop Daily” Series


In 2009, Crooked I launched his historical Hip Hop Weekly series which took the Internet by storm. Now, another member of the Circle of Bosses family is starting a new series to further promote his music.

P.W.T. of the C.O.B. family has announced his plans to launch a new music series titled Hip Hop Daily. The series will feature a collection of new and previously unreleased music that fans can download on a daily basis. The Hip Hop Daily series will run throughout the month of March and will conclude with the release of a mixtape titled #GetToKnowMe. The mixtape will of course be a compilation of all the tracks released throughout the month. Please check out the mixtape’s Intro which is now available to download or stream using our official music player.

The Hip Hop Daily series will be updated daily in this post and in a dedicated thread on our forum. For additional information, please be sure to visit P.W.T.’s official Twitter account.

Track List

Note: The track list will be updated daily

01) Intro
02) Don’t Go
03) Killa
04) Just A Song
05) Boring Straight Road
06) Dragon Fly
07) Time Is Now
08) I Talk Shit
09) Hammer Dance feat. Kenny Siegel & Julius Luciano
10) Who I Am feat. Kenny Siegel & Iceman
11) Winner
12) Straight From The Morgue feat. Kenny Siegel
13) Displacement feat. Crooked I
14) Crazy Bitch feat. Kenny Siegel
15) Crazy Bitch Pt. 2
16) Tragedy
17) Letter To Larry
18) Goodbye Larry
19) Fuc Wit COB feat. Demetrius Capone
20) Looking At Me feat. Julius Luciano & Ro Kenady
21) In My Shoes
22) It’s Nothin’ feat. Kenny Siegel
23) Where My Money? feat. Bones
Faded feat. Kenny Siegel

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