Crooked I – “Million Dollar Story”


Back in 2011, Crooked I released a promotional music video for his song Million Dollar Story. The song itself was never officially made available to the public, but the Boss has now decided to let it hit the Internet.

Recently, it has been announced that Malcom Shabazz, the grandson of civil rights leader Malcom X, was murdered in Mexico City on Thursday. The news obviously came as a shock to many as his death was sudden and unexpected. After learning of his death, Crooked I decided to release his Tena Jones and J. Ivy assisted song Million Dollar Story as a tribute to Shabazz. Readers have been waiting on this one for quite some time, so please be sure to check it out using the music player included below.

If you are interested in checking out the Million Dollar Story music video, please visit the “related” link which has also been included. In the mean time, be sure to visit our site for additional music updates.

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