Crooked I Talks Death Row Federal Raids


Back in April, DJ Vlad had the opportunity to sit down with Crooked I and discuss his time on Death Row Records. A second part to the video interview has now been released and is available for viewing.

During the second installment of Crooked I’s discussion with DJ Vlad, the Boss opens up even more about his time on the infamous Death Row Records. Crooked I talks about positive experiences such as being introduced to notable figures in the music industry as well as not-so-positive experiences such as FBI raids. Additionally, Crooked I touches on his relationship with Suge Knight after signing with Eminem’s Shady Records. It’s an interesting video and fans are encouraged to check it out at their convenience.

If you are interested in checking out the previous installment of Crooked I’s interview with DJ Vlad, please be sure to click the “related” link. As always, keep it locked for additional C.O.B. updates.

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