Is Crooked I’s “Apex Predator” A Debut Album?

Apex Predator

Crooked I celebrated the release of his Apex Predator this week and the reception has been quite positive. However, Crooked I’s fan base still has one question that has remained unanswered up until this point. Does the Apex Predator project qualify as a Crooked I’s official solo debut album? HipHopDX’s Jake Paine had the opportunity to sit down with the Boss of the West to discuss this and several other interesting topics. Readers will definitely be interested in finding out how Crooked I responds to the question.

Fans are encouraged to visit the link included below to check out HipHopDX’s article in full. Additionally, please be sure to pick up a copy of Apex Predator through digital retailers or select Best Buy and FYE locations.

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