Purchase Horseshoe Gang’s “Top Ramen N!&&@”

Top Ramen Nigga

After much anticipation, the Horseshoe Gang’s new album Top Ramen N!&&@ is now available for purchase through digital retailers. The twelve track project features all new music from Treacherous C.O.B.’s four-headed monster and can undoubtedly be labeled as their best work thus far. The Shoe Gang recruited several talented artists to assist in the project’s creation including label mates Crooked I and K-Young as well as in-house producers Komplex, Tabu and Aktive. Listeners will appreciate the project’s cohesive sound and content as it demonstrates the Horseshoe Gang’s undeniable growth as artists.

Those who are interested in purchasing a copy of the album can visit iTunes and other major digital retailers. If you are interested in learning more about the Horseshoe Gang, please follow them on Twitter for more details.

Track List

1. Top Ramen Nigga
2. Fly Away
3. Thuggin Like It’s Nuthin
4. Wild’n
5. Bitches Off That
6. Take It Off feat. Crooked I & K-Young
7. Sex Signals feat. Kobe & K-Young
8. Story Of A Ghetto Boy feat. Kobe
9. Dear Ol Dad
10. Sometimes I Cry Yo
11. My Last Song
12. Lyrical Miracle

Purchase: Top Ramen N!&&@
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