Graysoundz – “Sleeping Limbs” Album

Sleeping Limbs

Graysoundz is an up-and-coming producer representing Portland, Oregon who has recently released his brand new instrumental album. Circle of Bosses followers will instantly recognize him for his work with P.W.T., Crooked I, the Horseshoe Gang, Iceman and several others. Now, Graysoundz is spreading further awareness by releasing the Sleeping Limbs album which features a collection of his hottest beats. Those who are interested in checking the project out can download a free copy through his official Band Camp page.

If you are interested in learning more about Graysoundz, please be sure to follow his Twitter account. In the mean time, be sure to keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for more news updates.

Track Listing

1. Lost In The Reveries
2. Spider Wine
3. Escape Thoughts
4. Dead End, Children
5. Space Rubbish
6. NyQuil Nightmares
7. Cornucopious
8. Living Under Power Lines
9. Mirror Fist
10. You’re Not A Load
11. The Anatomy Of Worms
12. Emaciated
13. Lunacy/Pounce
14. Predictable Predicament
15. The Hill Is Falling
16. Peaceful Dance

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