Horseshoe Gang – “Mixtape Monthly Vol. 7”

Mixtape Monthly 7

The Horseshoe Gang are continuing to build anticipation for their upcoming album Knocking On Rap’s Door with another installment of their monthly mixtape series. It has now been seven months and Mixtape Monthly Vol. 7: Outside The Box delivers the same cutting edge rhymes that fans of the Shoe Gang have grown accustomed to hearing. As with previous installments, readers can download a copy of the eleven track project exclusively through DatPiff.

Those who are interested in learning more about the Horseshoe Gang are encouraged to follow their official Twitter account for more details.

Track List

1. Trigga Happy
2. Bed Dance
3. Social Network Killa
4. Quick Sand
5. Andy Warhol
6. Messy Attic
7. Lucky
8. Leave Me Be
9. When Love Turns to Hate
10. Day & Night
11. Azazel

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