Horseshoe Gang Pushes Back Upcoming Album

Knocking On Rap's Door

The Horseshoe Gang has issued a statement regarding their upcoming album Knocking On Rap’s Door which is set to be released through Treacherous C.O.B. and SMH Records. It has now been confirmed that the album’s release date has been adjusted and will be pushed back until further notice. However, readers will be excited to learn that the group will be compensating fans with the tenth installment of their Mixtape Monthly series this month. Although a final release date has not been confirmed, the group promises to keep fans apprised of any further updates regarding the project.

Please be sure to check out the music video to the Horseshoe Gang’s new single Knocking On Rap’s Door by clicking on the “related” link. In the mean time, fans can follow the group’s official Twitter account for music and news updates.

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