Horseshoe Gang – “Mixtape Monthly Vol. 12”

Mixtape Monthly 12

An entire year has passed since the Horseshoe Gang launched their “Mixtape Monthly” series and the group is now making history with their twelfth installment. The DJ Far hosted series has prominently displayed the Shoe Gang’s diverse rhyming ability and creativity to the world. Now, the group has come full circle with the release of the “12th Symphony” which is available exclusively through DatPiff. Those who missed out on any of the previous installments can download or stream them online today.

Track List

1. MMV12 Intro
2. Anti Rap Niggas
3. Keep Going
4. Real Niggas Speak Calmly
5. Gray Clouds
6. Moma Never Told Me
7. You Actin’ Like A Bitch
8. One Real One
9. Bet Money
10. Finish Line
11. Calls From The Fans
12. MMV12 Outro
13. Knockin’ On Rap’s Door (Snippets)

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