Pre-Order KXNG CROOKED “Sex, Money & Hip Hop”

Sex, Money & Hip Hop

KXNG CROOKED (Crooked I) will release his brand new mixtape experience Sex, Money & Hip Hop through SMH Records on December 16th. Now, after much anticipation, the project is available for pre-order and features several special limited edition packages. Crooked has described the mixtape as a collaboration between live musicians, singers, emcees and DJ’s who have joined together to create a cohesive product. Fans can expect it to include twenty-one all new tracks including the single Total Slaughter which features the House Gang (Slaughterhouse). Additional appearances include artists such as the Horseshoe Gang, Emanny and Novel as well as production by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Rick Rock and DJ King Tech. Those who are interested in reserving their copy can visit the official SMH Records online shop now.

Track List

1. Intro [Prod.Dominick Wickliffe]
2. Fallen Rap Gods [Prod. Big Blazz & Sarah J]
3. Life After Death Row (Interlude) [Prod. Dominick Wickliffe]
4. Sick Of Being Broke feat. Emanny [Prod. Pryme, Keyz & Sarah J]
5. No Plan B [Prod. Audio Jones & Sarah J]
6. Prometheus [Prod. Ryan Ru & Sarah J]
7. God Bless The Kxng [Lavish & Sarah J]
8. Freestylin’ Under Oath [Prod. Tabu]
9. Sauce Got Rules (Interlude) feat. Sauce Tha Boss [Prod. Dominick Wickliffe]
10. Hardest In The Game [Prod. Big Blizz & Sarah J]
11. Drum Murder Part 2 feat. Horseshoe Gang [Prod. Aktive]
12. Barbara Bush feat. Sir Doobie & Barbara Bush [Prod. Rogue Regime & Sarah J]
13. Groupie feat. Shale [Prod. Jonathan Hay & Mike Smith]
14. Martian Pussy feat. Sir Doobie & Siri [Prod. Rick Rock]
15. The Originals feat. Bo-Roc [Prod. J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League]
16. Know Thy Self [Prod. Big Blizz, Chysty & Sarah J]
17. Lift Me Up feat. Novel [Prod. J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League]
18. Move Like A G Do [Prod. Brainstorm & Sarah J]
19. If I Die [Prod. Montage & Sarah J]
20. Total Slaughter feat. House Gang [Prod. Jonathan Hay, Mike Smith & Aktive]
21. Make Way For The Kxng [Prod. Chris Noxx & Sarah J]

Executive Producers: KXNG CROOKED, Mike Smith and Jonathan Hay
Engineering & Mixing: Isaac “Iceman” Romero
Additional Mixing: DJ King Tech, Ajami, Jonathan Hay & Mike Smith
Mastered By: DJ King Tech
Artwork: James “Jaycee” Cail & Sabrina Hale

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