One-2 Releases Mixtape With His New Group Fourc4st

Fourc4ast The Reign

Treacherous C.O.B. recording artist One-2 recently teamed up with some of the hottest up-and-coming artists from the San Fernando valley region to form a new group. Fourc4st, a group consisting of One-2, G-Stylez, Marvelous and Krook, celebrated the release of their The Reign mixtape last month. The project, which features twenty brand new tracks, includes appearances by Yung Sach, T.B. and Looney as well as production from Treacherous’ in-house producer Komplex. Each member of the group brings a unique sound to the table and listeners will appreciate the mixtape’s refreshing content. Those who are interested in checking this one out can stream or download a copy through DatPiff.

Track List

1) The Purge – G-Stylez, One-2 & Marvelous
2) Catch Me If U Can – One-2, Krook & Marvelous
3) Streets Raised Me – G-Styles, One-2 & Marvelous
4) 4 The Hood feat. Krook, One-2 & Marvelous
5) Life Camera – Krook, One-2 & Marvelous
6) Storm – One-2, Yung Sach, Marvelous & G-Stylez
7) Money On My Mind – G-Stylez & Marvelous
8) Open Hold – One-2, G-Stylez & Marvelous
9) Countin’ My Luchi – T.B., One-2 & Krook
10) R.E.I.G.N. – One-2, Krook, Marvelous & G-Stylez
11) Sharon Stone Silver – G-Stylez, Marvelous & One-2
12) Rude Awakening – G-Stylez, One-2 & Marvelous
13) Times Passed – One-2 & Marvelous
14) Paul Walker – One-2 & G-Stylez
15) Power Moves – One-2, Marvelous, Looney & Krook
16) Brethren – Krook & One-2
17) Medusa Head – One-2, G-Stylez & Krook
18) Lonesome Soul – Marvelous, The Sauce & G-Stylez
19) Let Her Go – G-Stylez, Krook & Tha Roz
20) Dumpin’ Bodies – One-2, Krook & G-Stylez

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