KXNG CROOKED Announces “Good vs Evil” Album


Earlier in the month, KXNG CROOKED announced his plans to release a new solo album that is currently scheduled to arrive in August. Now, the Circle of Bosses’ command and chief has not only revealed the project’s title, but has provided additional information as well.

KXNG CROOKED’s Good vs Evil album was officially announced in an interview with HipHopDX this week. Crooked explains that while the album’s narrative is fictional, it will spark important social and political conversations. He plans to use the “unapologetic” project as a commentary on current events and the atrocities plaguing our world.

The new album is scheduled to be released alongside KXNG CROOKED’s upcoming Hip Hop competition television show One Shot which will air on BET. Fans who are interested in learning more, are encouraged to check out the full interview available exclusively on HipHopDX.

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