Welcome Back to The Boss Board!

The Boss Board

The Relaunch

It has been over nine years since the launching of The Boss Board and since that time our website has evolved in many ways. Originally, this website was launched as a stand alone forum that would continue the legacy of KXNG CROOKED’s Dynasty Online Community. Due to the popular response among visitors, the forum was expanded and The Boss Board was converted into a fully functional fan driven website. Since that time, we have done our very best to provide readers with the latest news and music updates regarding KXNG CROOKED and the Circle of Bosses movement.

Now, the journey continues as The Boss Board has relaunched with a fresh and brand new appearance for our readers. Believe me when I tell you, this was no easy decision, but it was long overdue. While it is painful to retire the original Boss Board, it is important to realize that our new platform will offer our visitors a more streamlined experience that offers several exciting features.

So, what is changing?

Of course with our new look and functionality, there are some other changes on the horizon. Over the next year, we plan to expand upon the kind of content that is posted to The Boss Board. This may include additional music acts outside of the Circle of Bosses movement or even additional forms of entertainment such as gaming or technology. Our goal is to not limit ourselves going forward and hope that our readers will look to The Boss Board as one of their primary stops for news updates.

With our new platform, The Boss Board will now support many new features and abilities that were not available in the past. The most important of these is that our website is now fully compatible with mobile devices. This was probably our most requested feature and we can promise readers that the experience has been greatly enhanced!

While we will not cover every change that has been implemented or planned, it is important to remember that this new website is constantly evolving. Please feel free to use our contact form to let us know what we got right and what we could improve upon.

Ok, so what is not changing?

As mentioned above, The Boss Board will start to expand upon the content that is posted over the next year. However, we can assure our long time supporters that our primary point of focus will always be KXNG CROOKED and the Circle of Bosses movement. The Boss Board has been a staple in the COB community for nearly a decade and we have no plans of bowing out at this time.

The Boss Board’s official fan forum will retain it’s current appearance for the immediate future. We believe it is important to keep a “familiar” element for our visitors during this time of transition. However, a full forum relaunch is already being planned and will be occurring in the near future.

Please also note that we would have never made the decision to relaunch The Boss Board if it was not possible to include all of our original content. That is why we painstakingly imported every single one of our previous news articles as well as fan favorite content such as the discography archives and media galleries. In the event that we missed anything, please let us know and we will be sure to include it!

Thank You

Once again, The Boss Board would like to send our sincerest thanks to all of those who have supported our vision over the last nine years. We could not have kept this movement alive without the strongest and most dedicated fan community around. Of course, we’d also like to give our thanks to KXNG CROOKED and all of our friends at Treacherous Records who have also shown support for this website. We are looking forward to the future and will continue to represent the Circle of Bosses brand to the best of our abilities!