KXNG CROOKED – “The MAGA Continues”

Good Vs. Evil 2

On December 8th, KXNG CROOKED will release his politically charged album Good vs. Evil II: The Red Empire through digital music retailers. As we close in on the project’s arrival, Crook has unleashed the second single from his upcoming opus.

KXNG CROOKED recently explained to Mass Appeal that he is “letting off steam” on his song The MAGA Continues. He further elaborates that, “the phrase ‘Make America Great Again’ is a dog whistle for racism and [is] turning the clocks of progression backwards.” Well, Crooked certainly holds nothing back on this one and touches on some incredibly important subject matter.

Readers who are feeling the message on this track are encouraged to make a statement by picking up the entire project when it becomes available for purchase next week.

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