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Horseshoe Gang - Dope Lyrics Matter

As promised, the Circle of Bosses’ four-headed monster has returned with their new album Dope Lyrics Matter. This one has been a long time coming and fans can rest assured that the Horseshoe Gang has delivered as promised.

Dope Lyrics Matter features twenty brand new tracks and is certainly a representation of the Shoe Gang at their finest. The album serves as an escape from the watered down music and “mumble rap” that Hip Hop fans have been force fed over recent years. Do not get it twisted though, this isn’t the typical “rappity rap” that you may be expecting. The Horseshoes demonstrate that you can still deliver dope bangers and hard hitting street anthems without watering it down. Simply put, this one is going to make a few emcees out there rethink their game plan!

Listeners who are fiending for a return to bars should brace themselves for a verbal assault unlike anything that has ever been heard. Those who wish to show their support on “COB Independence Day” can do so by purchasing a copy through and digital music retailer.

Track List

1) Intro
2) Ain’t No Excuses
3) Radio Chapter (Interlude)
4) Let Me Rap To You
5) Fusion Dance
6) Dope Lyrics Matter
7) Bad Niggaro
8) Mixtape Chapter (Interlude)
9) XXXL Freshman Cypher
10) Crazy N****s, Pt. 2
11) Female Rappers (Interlude) feat. Supa Bean
12) Joker & Bane (Interlude)
13) Shoegang Fell Off?…
14) Real-Talk Chapter (Interlude)
15) The Problem
16) Black Arrogance
17) Waiting On Michelle
18) The Power Of Words
19) The Solution
20) Our Own Lane

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