Purchase KXNG CROOKED “Good Vs Evil II: The Red Empire”

Good Vs. Evil 2

After much anticipation, the follow up to KXNG CROOKED’s politically and socially driven opus has been released to the masses. Good Vs Evil II: The Red Empire is the sequel to the 2016 album that not only grabbed the attention of the Hip Hop community, but the entire country as well.

On the second installment to this series, Crooked continues to fight the good fight and touch on important topics such as racism, social injustice and classism. While certain views may be perceived as controversial, such as the cover artwork, Crook is using the project to spark conversation. There is no doubt that he has achieved his goal based on the massive response by fans across social media platforms.

This album proves that not only can rappers create powerful and meaningful content, but they can produce some bangers while doing so. Those who are interested in purchasing a copy of this pivotal project can do so through any digital music retailer.

Track List

1) Wake Up Show Intro feat. Sway & King Tech
2) The MAGA Continues (Prod. by Lavish)
3) Red Hood’s Plot (Hahahaha) (Prod. by Lavish)
4) GiveUDatHammer (Prod. by Aktive)
5) Revolution Come feat. Jai (Prod. by Snaz)
6) Truth (Why You Mad) feat. Royce 5’9” (Prod. by C-Wash)
7) Shoot Back 2 (Dear Officer) (Prod. by Jay Wash)
8) Adderall Addicts (Prod. by C-Wash)
9) Cowboy Bebop (Prod. by Illeagle)
10) Thug Poetry feat. Jay Townsend (Produced By Snaz)
11) City Lights (Prod. by ENG)
12) Brainwashed Ni666a (Prod. by Audio Jones)
13) Stand feat. Styles P & Emanny (Prod. by Lavish)
14) Mace Windu (Prod. by MR Authentic)

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