KXNG Crooked Announces Hip Hop Weekly’s Return

KXNG Crooked

In April of 2007, KXNG Crooked launched the historic Hip Hop Weekly series which not only propelled his own career to new heights, but also changed the landscape of online music. Now, the Long Beach legend has hit the web to make a special announcement that is going to shake up the game once again.

KXNG Crooked posted a short promotional video online this afternoon outlining some of the questions that interviewers have asked him the most throughout the years. Of course, one one of the most frequent questions is whether or not he will ever relaunch his famous weekly series. Of course, long time fans will remember that Hip Hop Weekly briefly returned as a mini series in 2010 ending after 15 weeks. Well, it has now been confirmed that Crooked will try to make history once again with the rebirth of the series that solidified his spot in Hip Hop over a decade ago. This time around, the Boss of the West is innovating once again as he is will now be releasing the series through Spotify. So, for those who have been asking whether or not Hip Hop Weekly will return, your answer is here.

KXNG Crooked’s Spotify Weekly The Series is expected to launch in early 2019, but an official start date has not been confirmed at this point. In the mean time, please be sure to visit Crooked’s official Twitter account to check out the full promotional video for additional details.

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