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Niqle Nut's "Imperial" Drops On November 18th
Posted By: EFFeX - (10-28-14) - General - 207 View(s) -

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On November 18th, Treacherous C.O.B.'s Niqle Nut will release his debut album Imperial. The Inglewood based emcee has been active over past few months by releasing several new records including Niqle Niqle Nine, which features Fashawn, as well as the street single Gangbanging Ain't Neva Died. Now, after after patient waiting, fans will finally have their chance to show their support for Niqle Nut by purchasing his full length album.

Please keep it locked to The Boss Board for additional news updates regarding Niqle Nut's Imperial album. In the mean time, feel free to follow him on his official Twitter account.

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