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Niqle Nut - "Gangbanging Ain't Neva Died"
Posted By: EFFeX - (07-15-14) - Music - 561 View(s) -

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Treacherous C.O.B. is preparing to release several exciting projects over the next few months. Niqle Nut's debut album Imperial is one of these projects and is expected to arrive this summer. While fans await the album's release, the Inglewood based rapper has unleashed a new record to the Internet. On the street oriented record Gangbanging Ain't Neva Died, Niqle Nut has teamed up with Hip Hop producer White Hot. Those who are interested in checking out this track can download or stream it online now.

If you would like to learn more about Niqle Nut and his music, please show your support by following his official Twitter page.
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