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Iceman & Quiz - "Hunger" (Music Video)
Posted By: EFFeX - (04-14-14) - Music - 596 View(s) - 0 Comments(s)

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Back in February, Antidote of The Antidote Productions and Harvey Dent of Black Cell Entertainment teamed up to release The Formula mixtape. The project features an assortment of notable artists, but Circle of Bosses fans will be excited to see Iceman's name on the roster. The song Hunger features C.O.B.'s emcee-engineer exchanging bars with Blu Division's Quiz. As further promotion for the record, music video director Bad Fame was recruited to film the visuals. Those who are interested in checking out the record can use the included media player.

Antidote and Harvey Dent's The Formula mixtape is now available as a free download through DatPiff. In the mean time, please follow Antidote, Harvey Dent, Iceman and Quiz on their official Twitter accounts.

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