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SMH Records Address "Sex, Money & Hip Hop" Leak
Posted By: EFFeX - (12-26-14) - General - 455 View(s) -

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KXNG CROOKED and SMH Records are currently celebrating the release of the Sex, Money & Hip Hop mixtape experience. After one week, the project has been met with positive reviews and has shipped 13,000 copies across the globe. As it was released with minimal promotion and without a major distributor, the album has officially been considered a success.

Fans who purchased KXNG CROOKED's new album received a printed copy of SMH Records' "Open Letter To The Internet" with each CD. The letter explained the label's vision for the album and asked supporters not to upload it to the web. While the project existed in a purely hard copy format for nearly one week, it was inevitable that it would eventually surface online. Although this was a disappointment to those who played a role in the creation of the album, SMH Records has shown gratitude to those who have respected their wishes. As a result, a decision has been made to allow the project to be downloaded for free exclusively through the label's official website. Circle of Bosses supporters should not feel defeated by this news as it only gives more potential fans a chance to join the movement.

KXNG CROOKED's Sex, Money & Hip Hop is still available for purchase and fans who enjoy it are encouraged to pick up a physical copy. As the CD was printed in a limited quantity, it is still considered a collector's item. Finally, those who are interested in reading SMH Record's official stance on the matter can review their "Open Letter To The Internet 2".

Download:KXNG CROOKED - "Sex, Money & Hip Hop

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