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Horseshoe Gang - "Half A Meal" (Funk Volume Diss)
Posted By: EFFeX - (08-24-15) - Music - 917 View(s) -

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Funk Volume, an independent Hip Hop label consisting of Hopsin, Dizzy Wright and Jarren Brown, appeared live on Sway In The Morning to challenge any rappers to a $500,000 battle. Mike Trampe, an industry insider, called into the show and mentioned the Horseshoe Gang and KXNG CROOKED in reference to the label's challenge. Although Jarren Benton acknowledged the Shoe Gang's rapping ability, Hopsin did not share the same sentiment. As a result, the Horseshoes hopped in the booth and recorded the DJ Khalil produced Half A Meal in response. The group held nothing back on this one and it is clear that the Circle of Bosses mean business. Readers who are interested in hearing this lyrical warfare can stream it online now and share their opinions below.

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