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Pre-Order KXNG CROOKED's "Good VS Evil" Album
Posted By: EFFeX - (10-21-16) - General - 614 View(s) -

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On November 11th, KXNG CROOKED will release his highly anticipated album Good VS Evil through digital retailers. The brand new album features fourteen all new records including the Tech N9ne assisted single Shoot Back (Dear Officer). Among the project's guest spots, fans will be excited to finally hear the long awaited Welcome To Planet X which features an appearance by none other than Eminem. As KXNG CROOKED announced earlier in the year, this is a concept driven project focused on raw and unforgiving content. Fans will not want to miss out on the one as it is set to be one of Crooked's most creative albums to date. Those who are interested in showing support can place their pre-orders now.

Track List

1. A Just Message (Intro) feat. Just Blaze
2. Welcome To Planet X (We're Coming For You) feat. Eminem & The Observer
3. Dem People feat. Xzibit & SAS
4. Robocop Went Pop
5. Rebel Party feat. The Observer
6. I Want To Kill You
7. CrazyPsychoLoco
8. Intergalactic Hustling feat. Boroc
9. Revolutionary Funk feat. P Funk Pavarotti
10. Shoot Back (Dear Officer) feat. Tech N9ne
11. Obey (KXNG's Speech)
12. The Oath
13. KXNG Tut
14. Puppet Master feat. RZA, KinG! & The Observer
Pre-Order: iTunes | Amazon

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