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CNN Interviews KXNG CROOKED About New LP
Posted By: EFFeX - (11-16-16) - Interview - 811 View(s) -

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KXNG CROOKED made news headlines this afternoon as CNN interviewed him regarding the release of his new album Good Vs Evil. Crooked spoke with Deena Zaru regarding the socially and politically charged project which is said to be inspired by President-elect Donald Trump.

Good Vs Evil is a conceptual album that describes a world in which it's citizens rise up against injustice and a tyrannical leader known as the "puppet master". During the interview with CNN, Crooked explains that "it's scary how this album could in four years be some sort of a prophecy." However, the rapper goes on to stress that he hopes that the world depicted on his album never becomes a reality. Whether he planned it or not, Crooked has certainly captured a portion of the nation's pulse though and the timing of this release could not have been better.

Fans are encouraged to check out the full story by using the link included below. In the mean time, please make sure to pick up your copy of KXNG CROOKED's Good Vs Evil which is now available for purchase through all digital music retailers.

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