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Full Version: Tech N9ne Invites Slaughterhouse On Tour
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Quote:We have now received word that after Slaughterhouse finishes their performances this month, the movement will continue to live on throughout the fall season. On Joe Budden's live stream this afternoon, the Slaughterhouse representative announced that the super-group will be joining Tech N9ne on tour this October. Apparently Tech N9ne invited the Slaughterhouse collective to join his forty-seven show tour, that will run forty-nine nights. While there is little information available at this time, Joe joked that the show is nick-named the "No Shower" tour as they will certainly be very busy. In fact, Joe was also happy to announce that fans can expect the collective to visit cities that they have never performed in before. It should be an interesting fall, so make sure to attend any show that appears in your vicinity. As information surfaces, you can most certainly count on us to present the updates. In the mean time, keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for additional information regarding Slaughterhouse and their upcoming performances.

this is dope... Tech is a cool ass dude, I hope that man can take over the indie scene like he's pushin for over the last few years.  If he's sellin a millie indie copies to his fan base, it can be only a positive for SH to get that exposure.