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Full Version: I've Suffered Too Long
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Just started listening to this a lot again, one of my favourite Crook tunes. Was there ever an untagged version released?

I remember a topic about this over at the D.O.C. some time ago. I lost a load of tunes recently when my hard drive crashed and can't remember if I had a better version.

I hope this is one of the older songs Crook saved for B.O.S.S. Wishful thinking, I know!
unfortunately, its never been released untagged yet.
can you post the song?? dont think ive ever heard it
I don't think the untagged exists anymore, I know there was a hard drive failure at one point and it's possible that the untagged was lost.

Here is the tagged...
thank you EFFeX!
(01-04-2009, 01:05 PM)Gfunkking link Wrote: [ -> ]thank you EFFeX!

No problem, it's a classic.