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Full Version: "Evolution Of A Boss"
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Does anybody have a .zip file of this mixtape, it has basically all the Crooked I that i dont can somebody please post that. Thanks Smile
It is available in our "Projects" section under Crooked I and "Mixtapes".
i have a .rar version.
Hey "EFFeX" I definetly know its in the mixtape section, that part of this website is my god. lol but that mixtape download is a .rar file and i dont have that on my computer, all i can get is .zip files. Do you know anywhere where i can get it in a .zip??
why no get a porgram that can open rars?
This isnt my computer...haha
hehe, they dont have to know you installed it Wink
haha Smile I like your might be do i download it??
Thanks Smile
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