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Full Version: Slaughterhouse Interview w/ Tony Yayo (10/03/09)
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I'm not sure if everyone seen this yet, but it was released the other day. This is a quick interview that Slaughterhouse & Tony Yayo did for ThisIs50 and MTV.


Not seen it, suprised Yayo knew any of the songs!

I thought it was gonna be one of them 'I bought the album' (but I cant tell you one track off it) lies!

He now goes up in my estimations, just above Flo Rida and level with Soulja Boy.


Big props for 50 & the unit but it´s funny , everything that tony yayo is touching is kinda cheap...i don´t know ot he´s just keep everything catchy and small??
I respect 50 for showing love to SH, but damn Tony Yayo should be banned from hip hop...
Props, never saw this.
(10-09-2009, 08:03 AM)Akademic link Wrote: [ -> ]damn Tony Yayo should be banned from hip hop...