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Full Version: Joe Budden/Saigon Beef! DOWNLOAD TRACKS INSIDE!!
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The beef between these 2 has finally made it's way to music!  Just a little background, Joe used Saigon's name on a song a while back ("they don't know I'm out to hit and run like Saigon") and Sai took offense to it and they have traded shots in interviews since, until last week.  Joe released a track called Letter to Saigon, which was decent.  Saigon then Responded with a track of his own (actually better than Joe's).  And just last night, Joe dropped a bomb on him called Pain in His Life.  This one ups the ante and is pretty damn good.  Be interesting to see how this unfolds.  Any thoughts??

I don't know how to upload songs, but you can hear all 3 of them on, and they can be downloaded from Joe's site 
Joe Budden - Letter to Saigon [Saigon Diss]

Saigon - Underachiever [Joe Budden Diss]

Joe Budden - Pain in his Life [Saigon Diss]

Saigon - Pushin' Buddens [Joe Budden Diss]
Thanks for pickin me up on that one Pene!
(01-19-2009, 08:28 AM)Akademic link Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for pickin me up on that one Pene!

i just right clicked on the download links from buddens website and went down to copy shortcut, than right clicked on my reply post page here and pressed paste. easy done!
“Cuz he went in a tight end and came out a wide receiver” --Killed it.

But I think this is all a publicity stunt, both have tapes coming out soon.
Thanks for the tracks haven't heard underacheiver/pain in life gonna check em' out. Man kinda miss Saigon being outta the scene he was easily one of my top favs a few years back hopefully he drops a good album and gets back into the scene. I'm not really rooting for anyone in this although I'm feelin' Joey a bit more atm (no homo).
mista fab used a saigon line in his battle with royce. why didn't he make a big deal out of that one?

mouse killed him. but this whole thing is meh, not interesting or exciting, its just nothing, not attented to any of this beef or anything thats going on in hiphop right now. my 2 cents
Saigon Responds:
"I heard Slaughterhouse, Crooked ripped you to pieces." Lol
I was just about to post this!  Saigon went hard on this one!
i dont know why but i had a feeling saigon was gonna say somethin about crooked killin it.
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