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Full Version: T Bizzy feat. Crooked I - "Grab The Mic" (prod. by DJ Henny)
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New music from Michigan's T Bizzy featuring a previously unreleased verse by Crooked I. This joint is produced by DJ Henny.
Props, Dope Crooked verse. DJ Henney gettin' it done.
Beat is fire, nice verse.
nice verse & beat
very good beat henry you killed it! t bizzy can fuck off though, and crookeds verse was supber.
beat is sick.

Bizzy is garbage.  Sad
lol why give him props by calling him garbage? its disgusting.
Where did the unreleased crooked verse come from?
^ no idea, i was sent it and went nuts with it lol
(01-14-2010, 02:29 PM)DALJ link Wrote:Where did the unreleased crooked verse come from?

It's several years old, early Dynasty material. It's a left over from a collaboration that never happened.