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I haven't played a video game properly since the first Mass Effect which came out in '07 and seeing as Mass Effect 2 is coming out, I guess that's all gonna change this summer as I'll finally get the chance to sit down and be a nerd. When I was a kid playing on my N64 I was never in to the RPG genre, but this game plays out like a movie and is just soooo dope. Can't wait.

The Game fitting in with the sci-fi nerds:

What video games are you guys looking forward to and what have been some of your favorite titles in recent years? I've had a near three year playing drought so just wondering if I'd missed out on any gems over the years?

Assassins Creed 2 is sick!
(01-16-2010, 11:58 AM)DALJ link Wrote:Assassins Creed 2 is sick!

I second is fucking unreal!!
If you want a mutliplayer game get modern warfare 2...its awesome but the servers go gay sometimes but w.e.
Or Tekken 6 that's a bad game!
LOL mass effect is ME hahah


it looks great...but the old games are the best man:

Pc Games
1: Kingpin life of crime
2: Manhunt 1&2
3: Unreal Tournement
4: Quake 3 Arena
5: Halflife 1&2

Ps2 Games:

1: God of War 1&2
2: Gta San.
3: Resident Evil 4
4: Mortal Kombat Ar.
5: Tekken tag tor.
Tekken Tag Tornament is like the best fighting game ever its so sick lol!
(04-09-2010, 12:08 AM)ThaHolyChronic link Wrote:LOL mass effect is ME hahah

was gunna post that...what was even funnier was him acting like it was some dope metaphor he thought up...I mean he didn't get excited but how he was like damn thats lol best part is I guarantee that was scripted hahah almost as funny as him talking shit about Rampage Jackson of all people he would call out, and the best was rampage saying ok lets do this Ill freestyle you and then we'll fight in the octagon lol I would hope that, that shut game up but I wouldn't be surprised if one of you linked me to an article after that where game is running his mouth