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Full Version: Jay Z Diss!
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Not mainly dissing but talking about how he is allegedly satanic! Don't think this track is wack because it is actually good. Anyone know the neame of the guy?
Yeah it's decent track and dude can rap but why is he on jay's jock about his beliefs? he should worry about saving his own soul and getting ready for the return of the most high. He should be making a diss record for rush limbaugh, sean hannity, and their likes for the crazy things they said about obama and haiti. All thats going on in the world and it takes a rapper to make people so called 'aware' and the illuminati or whatever,
and the crazy thing is people are eating the illuminati stuff up, not just about jay but also rihanna, beyonce, lil wayne and pretty much any mainstream artist. Some ppl NOW even believe that pac was killed because of illuminati (his makaveli album: the don killuminati) :Smile It all comes from the lucifier song being played backwards on youtube by some pastor in a church and at first it did spook me a lil i can't lie but after doing some research let me reassure you that the video is TERRIBLY misleading. Yeah the name of the song is called lucifier...that much is true...however, what most people DON'T know is that it is a version from an UNAUTHORIZED REMIX by DJ Danger Mouse called The Grey Album where he mixed Jay-Z's "Black Album" with The Beatles "White Album"...basically Jay-Z sold an acapella version of his album so that ANYONE could remix it how they wanted...Danger Mouse made an AMAZING album that was so good it received pressure from industry heads to stop its distribution...that is the only reason one would have heard this version of the song versus another remix...many don't even know there WAS an acapella version...therefore, any "sinister" messages hidden in the song are because Danger Mouse put them there...NOT Jay-Z.  just thought i'd shed some light on that now i'm gonna shut up :-X