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Full Version: Crooked I & Mr Von - Ain't Thinkin' Bout The Cost
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Watching right now, thanks!  youtube takes forever to load at work for some reason!
Worth the wait!  He just went in, wrote it, MURDERED it, then left lol
^ lol true .. some1 rip this from myspace please  Smile

thanks for them links
Thanks for posting the clip.  Seeing peoples processes never gets old for me.
badass beat. shits aight
(01-23-2009, 04:13 PM)Steve Grenier link Wrote: [ -> ]Here's the track.

Good lookin' out bro!
Crooked I=Living Legend

propz on the vid, shit is dope watchin crook spit that crack

"how many times do the nigga got to do this shit, for you niggaz to realize this nigga is the best motherfucka eva...... Crooked" -G. Malone

yea for sure,

you can just see crooked's work ethic, its all serious when its time to work, the way he writes and spits.

reminds me alot of tupac.
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