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Full Version: Crooked I - "Sittin' Sidewayz" (Freestyle)
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Here's the freestyle Crook promised he would drop on his new web site, once again, go there and show your true support!


props 4 that!
dope freestyle by crook
dopeness, pure dopeness

guess its no beef with cube
damnn, it's like he burned a hole thru the instrumental... im tryna inform more ppl down here in houston about crooked, but most ppl here usually stick to local or dirty south shit for some reason.. unless it's a big hit on the radio (i.e. Jay-z, Snoop, etc..).  2 of chamillionaire's 3 best songs were w/ crooked (imo), the other one being ridin dirty ft krazy bone.   
shits utter rape.
bizness as usual. another beat ripped
The line about being at your killers funeral is soooooooooooooo sick. God damn