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Full Version: Crooked I feat. Kat Stacks - "Single Freestyle"
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Quote:Over the past several days there has been much anticipation amongst Crooked I fans in regard to Crooked I's latest musical release. Well, the Boss of the West has returned this week with an Earth shattering freestyle.

The Circle of Bosses community has been eagerly awaiting Crooked I's latest song after much discussion between fans and insiders. As usual, the Long Beach veteran refuses to let his fans down and has dropped another unforgettable freestyle. Interestingly enough, Crooked I delivered his latest freestyle over the instrumental to Lil Wayne's Single with a special appearance from the highly controversial Kat Stacks. While Crooked delivers a largely original flow, there is no doubt that Kat Stack's appearance will garner the most attention. Please check out this latest track by using the download link or music player included below.

If you are interested in hearing past releases by Crooked I, please check out our music archives. In the mean time, keep your browsers pointed towards The B.O.S.S. Board for additional updates.

Ok what the fuck? Kat Stacks? Really? This is not a good look.. at all.
not letting me download!
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KAT STACKS!!!.......WTF!!!!
(04-27-2010, 01:50 PM)DALJ link Wrote:not letting me download!

Strange, I just tested it and it's working. Let me go into the database and check something.
this is hella not a good look for crooked i, he is gonna get so much bad rep from people to collabo with that slut who's been fucked by everybody in the rap game. (Crooked as well probs)!
Smooth song, dont really see what the point of adding that chick in there was though lol.  Happy to see he got the current RIP's in there. #COB
Link should be straight, had a typo, sorry guys!
i dont know how i feel about this. it is a shock and kind of a good look since kat stacks is the thing to talk about right now but if this is the big thing they have been talkin about on twitter that there droppin im kinda dissapointed
I wonder how Jay Rock is takin this......
Im finna edit her out my
She doesnt have the right to yell #COB..........