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Full Version: Game - R.E.D. Mixtape
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Is it any good? Worth the download? 125mb is a lot of spaceĀ  Wink
Shit mixtape some of the songs dont even have the game on them! when he does come on he sounds wack!
Disapointed he didnt go in over some of those beats and is pushing the new BWS members on this tape. this was supposed to hype HIS album up and be HIS step backĀ  on the scene. now he has some dope tracks on there but not enough!

Although the Skee mix of 400 bars was nice!
I agree, the Skeemix was good. It rescued that track from my Recycle Bin.

The tape on the whole to me was 7/10 or 6/10. The Professionals was a sick track and there were a handful of good ones on there. Worth the download is my final verdict.
Yeah worth checking out, few good tracks on here. But Im worried 4 RED album, I dunno, I just get a bad vibe from some of the stuff leaking.
yeah i like the 400 bars, the scoop deville produced tracks slangin rocks, gangs of ny, ha ha w/nipsey hussle, that never stop hustling w/ fabolous wasn't bad and that one track with kanary diamonds i forgot the name but other than that the mixtape as a whole was just ok.

hopefully the red album will be good.