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Full Version: just heard that em and slaughter wats ur feedback people
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i just heard the track with em and slaughter house wat u guys think im feelin it they all killed it cant wait to hear the full track the beat was sicc perfect match with those lyrics
great track, finally some actual collabo's between them
it was a 4 out of 5 track

the beat could have been a little better and Crooked's verse was the best (but still an average one for him)
I loved it...all the verses were favorite was Joell
Crooked killed Eminem on his own shit
I expected more from all of them lyrically, but my expectations are too high. Plus JB wasn't even on it...
joell killed all
I hope Budden drops his verse off for the net!! we get the unofficial mix together then!
love the track.  This is the first time I can think of where all verses on a SH song were just dead even with how good they were.  I can't even pick a favorite....needs to hear Joey though
i heard it too. Damn i can't call it either but i liked crooked and joell's verses the most. Still, everyone was on point on this track.