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Full Version: Proof Of Life Radio Interviews Crooked I (08/09/2010)
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Quote:It is now officially one week until the release of Crooked I's latest project Planet COB Vol. 1  and the Boss of the West is preparing to claim the summer as his own. In preparation for the project's release, Crooked I has taken the time out to participate in an exclusive interview.

Crooked I recently had a chance to link up with Proof Of Life Radio and discuss not only his own endeavors, but the current situation with his group Slaughterhouse. While we do not wish to spoil this informative discussion, we'll briefly provide an outline of the interview. Topics that were covered during Crooked I's time on Proof Of Life radio included, the Circle of Bosses brand, his upcoming projects, Hip Hop Weekly's rebirth, competition in Hip Hop, the New West and much more. Because the interview ran over twenty minutes, we can not provide all the details. However, readers can listen to the entire conversation by using the link provided below.

If you are interested in hearing additional content from Proof Of Life Radio, please visit their official website. In the mean time, keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for all the latest updates regarding Crooked I and the COB movement.

cool interview this looks like a good month Planet C.O.B. and Hip Hop weekly

lol..."Crooked for president" that's what I'm talkin about
Sick interview. Crooks interviews are always entertaining
lol crook for president. Wonder what he will be able to push back then?