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Full Version: Demetrius Capone - Outro (Gangsta M.C.)
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so many dope rappers passed these wack niggas still out ima murder the wack just to
balance this shit out the cannon'll spit out a riddound like blaow im wheelchairin the old west
they needa sit down get down every best rapper alive'll be the very next rappers to die
i wreck rappers that ride the track reckless lets crash n collide i sped past ya im lappin ya twice
the x factor dissin niggas for no particular reason clickin n squeezin that trigga leavin listeners
grievin [why] they favorite rapper fall victim to beefin beef is when i get mad cow sick when im
speakin blow ya back out this is for blinkin i black out im a black cloud switchin the seasons [rainin]
this is the season im beefin with niggas for breathin for sharin my air u niggas is bleedin yeah
u gimmick niggas they ruined rap again when real rap was doin it we shoulda used the magnum
cuz u a accident thats why im human traffickin slavery too usin rappers in lieu of african u old
rappers i make u my house niggas im sexin ya spouse while u fetchin my house slippers next ima
clown wiggas they'll be found dead with they dick left in they mouth im malcom x with a ounce
of hitler im concentration campin rappin clansmen fuck a backpacka im a black panther trapped in
a rappers body it'll be a renactment of hiroshima when i see them faggots fingers snappin i bring
it back to jackin for beats n jumpin in beefs no vaseline half of u weak sucka emcees n yall kids thats murderin hip hop ya workin in sweatshops till u learn to respect pac
Nice job, all your lyrics look pretty accurate
Good job! Keep goin! Big Grin