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Full Version: FX is doin a disservice to ya'll
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I noticed my nigga Effex has "Everybody' listed on his crooked i project list

but he DOESNT have "Ordinary" listed.

heres a file for all my Crooked headz

1 Ordinary with WOLF WANGGGGGGG
2 When u hear that
3 So good (solo)
4 Drunk (solo)
5 Fuck em  (with Kurupt)
6 Gs come Out At night (solo dirty)
7 Gs come Out At night (solo clean)
8 Drunk drivin in my glass house (in perfect quality)

many of yall niggas prob never heard Ordinary unless u copped the CD in my siggy

yall welcome
lol ...

In my defense I can't list EVERY track, there's too many, lol
is it possible to make all the crooked features downloadable in the project section??
(11-07-2010, 01:12 AM)Tommy_s link Wrote:is it possible to make all the crooked features downloadable in the project section??

Well... there's a couple problems with that, lol...

The first being the huge amount server space that would take up to store all those songs on our site.

The second being that I really only post songs on here that the artists have released for free or given us permission to use. I wouldn't want to put up someone's work for free without their approval.

It sounds strange in this day and age, but I think it's a good way to operate.

Of course, if you have any requests I'm sure someone can hook you up with specific songs. Post a thread in the Multimedia section and we'll see what we can do...
all right cool thanx
thanks for bringing this to our attention Wolf Wanggg
(11-07-2010, 02:13 AM)Tommy_s link Wrote:all right cool thanx

No problem...

That's why sometimes you will notice our news updates won't include download links and only streaming content.
i will give any crook song a spin once atleast, so thanks for this, no matter who he features with.


this picture says it all:

[Image: fatdogbanged.jpg]
bye Ferhat...we'll miss you  (to laugh at not with)
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