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Full Version: Daz to work with Crooked I again!
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This is some good news!!

Quote from: Carlton Banks on Today at 04:58:56 PM

you should work with Crooked I again

Quote from: biggdazdilly on Today at 05:03:09 PM

i will its allwestcoast
This is actually interesting news.

What was this asked on Dubcc?
Yea, dubcc, but you know already homes.
this doesn't mean it'll actually happen

if so it'll be on Crooked's debut album in 2019
I hope daz doesn't introduce crooked to the drugs
a few years ago i woulda been excited by this but Daz has been going down hill for a while now, he even making tunes with Clint Dingo for god's sake....i wouldn't mind hear crooked over some Daz production but hopefully Daz won't touch the mic..
Daz and Soopafly are capable of making some great beats, I would love to hear Crook on those,

latest Daz beat, sth that Crook would rip.
awesome means more music
good news
They shouldve never parted in the first place...

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