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Full Version: Crooked I Interview On Power 106 Tonight (Addressing Funk Flex's Pac Comments)
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I haven't heard who's show it will be on yet, but I'll grab more details as the day goes on...
Here's a clip of him addressing the situation on The Wake Up Show...

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Flex is a clown.... and he's contributed absolutely nothing to hip hop.

What did flex say bout pac?
all i gotta say is if he hates let him hate at the ned of the day 2pac has gone down as a legend but what the fuck is he?
Stupid Flex. Crooked said the truth. Flex should have kept his opinion to himself and not disrespect a legend and a man who passed 14 years ago. R.I.P. Pac.
If you watch the youtube video of flex sayin that shit about pac, he was just playing to the crowd nuttin more nuttin less #imjussayin
funk flex is a fucking fat hating ass clown. he always hated on pac dead or alive. fuck funk flex he just making himself look stupid.