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Full Version: (NEW) Mykestro - I'm Ill Music Video
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Just had to post this. Mykestro could easily be the 5th member of the Horse Shoe Gang

Yeah, I was gonna post this then realize you got to it first, lol! Mykestro is the truth!
damn been bumping mykestro hard lately love this dude i love the HSG but what he does have a little more is charisma on the mic
anyway i can get this on mp3?
I could easily see Mykestro being in HSG...Emotion on my Sleeve and Adversity & Ambiance, are pretty sick. The reason I like Mykestro alot too is because of his combination of multies/technical skill with a slow flow and on top of that, none of his wording seems unnecessary like adj, verbs, so on. His freestyle on Rick Ross' Boss was fresh and smooth lol.