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Full Version: (New) The Game - Purp & Patron Mixtape
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Well its better than his last two tapes if u ask me.

If you interested download it and listen to it for yourself

thanks man,  i hope he pours out all his name dropping on this tape so when the album drops i don't have to hear them ever again
i was listening to it earlier, & at first i thought it was wack, but several songs later, i def gotta say - some of the beats were fire! it's just a shame that Game only spit at his true potential on maybe only 2 or 3 songs.. one being that Dre produced joint ft. Ashanti, & the other one he did w/ KRS, Doug E Fresh, & Big Daddy Kane... altho his bars weren't quite up to par with their's (obviously, lol), at least he brought that '05/'06 passion in his flow, which he rarely does anymore.. i think there's prob one other track i can think of where he went in, otherwise it was just his mediocre style.  I guess since most of us on this board r accustomed to hearing really complex bars, rhyme schemes etc.. wordplay coming from alot of other dudes in the industry these days just seems avg. or below par, or at least that's been my case for the past few yrs... unless it's that classic sh*t.  Even tho Game's bars don't match his true potential, he def has an AMAZING ear for dope beats, hate it or love it!  My fav. instrumentals on there were:  R.I.P. Story, King (remix), Taylor Made, Soft Rhodes & a few others.  Btw, hearing Wayne yellin Soo Woo & doing his adlibs at the end of that song's gotta be the gayest shit ive heard in a minute... smh.  fkn w/ artists like that, including Ross, Gucci, etc., is prob one of the things holding Game back from expanding his skills... like i mentioned earlier, just listen to how much hungrier he sounds when Dre's on the beat, or if he's in the booth w/ dudes with true cred. . that's what really/truely brings out the best in him.    Overall,  this is great for ur ride.